Our Next Big Adventure

we can't wait to get to work and call this place our own!

we can't wait to get to work and call this place our own!

The orchard house has been a dream of ours for as long as we can remember. We've always talked of our "one day" home out in the country - a charming european stone cottage/manor style home, and a small farm and homestead. We saw horses, chickens, ducks and a little pond, gardens, and wide open spaces for our babies to roam. And when we found this quaint little farm town in rural Utah, we knew we'd found something special. We saw so much potential in those very plain and completely empty twenty acres of beautiful soil... there's something so exciting and inspiring to us in a blank canvas. We knew it was the place for us, so we moved quickly on it, and shortly after, it was ours!

When we think of our future here, we see a small barn, a green house, a quaint little pond just shallow enough to skate on throughout the winter, and fish in throughout the summer. We see endless acres of beautiful soil, and plenty of space for gardening and apple orchards- hence the name, the Orchard House! We see so much potential... and we're so thrilled to get started on building this dream we'll one day call home.

It will be a long process and a whole lot of work- but we're excited and humbled that we have the opportunity to make this dream of ours, a reality. Our hope in sharing this, and documenting each step and all the work that will go into it, is to inspire you to go after whatever it is that lights that fire of passion within you,  and to know that with God, and a lot of hard work- absolutely nothing is out of reach! 

We will be doing everything ourselves and hope to learn some of the old fashioned techniques that seem to stand the test of time. We've always been intrigued with history and the way they used to live back in simpler times. They had so much less, yet seemed to understand the art of building something to last! The architecture, and intricate works of art that used to be the standard when it came to building a structure, that have somehow been lost. Our hope is to explore the old world trades and techniques and learn the art of building something that we can be proud of. Something that will last. The structure will be stone walls and timber frame, with the interior having an excess of crown molding and intricate woodwork throughout. Because most of these techniques are unfortunately a lost art, we will be learning as we go. We're in this together- and we are so grateful to have you join us on this journey as we begin this venture. We hope you'll stay a while and that we can inspire you to follow your heart and make your dreams a reality all your own.